Professional Member

Open to all persons of at least 18 years of age, residing in Malaysia and possess a professional certificate and qualification in healthcare. Membership is also open to other related science professions and educators who are interested in the area body composition. The fee for Professional membership is RM100 per annum (expired on 31st December of each calendar year).

Life Member

Open to any active Professional member and has been on the Society’s register for at least five years with good standing. The fee for Life Member is RM500.00 payable at the time of his/her election as Life member

Associate Member

Open to persons of at least 18 years of age trained in other disciplines and interested in the objects and goals of the Society. The fee for Associate Member is RM50.00 per calendar year

Corporate Member

Open to any locally and international incorporated organization, firm or company involved in body composition and interested in the objects and goals of the Society. Corporate members are entitled to nominate two representatives to the Society. The fee for Corporate Member is RM1,000.00 per calendar year

Membership Benefits

Benefits Professional Members Life Members Associate Members Corporate Members

-- Discounted rate for seminars, conference and training
-- Society latest update via email

-- Education grant to attend seminar, conference and training related to body composition
-- Upcoming conferences, seminars and trainings in Body Composition

-- Extend the professional contacts via social media
-- Establish regional connection

-- Leadership skills
-- Enhance professional skill

MBSC Office Bearer

Holding Council Position

Voting right


  • All professional, associate and corporate membership fees are expired on 31st December of each calendar year.
  • Members who fail to renew their membership after one year will have their membership deactivated.
  • Every applicant for Professional, Associate and Corporate members, whose application has been approved with the payment of the first annual subscription, shall pay a membership processing fee of RM50.00 which shall not be refundable.
  • All members have voting right and holding position in Council except for Associate and Corporate Member.